My Brush Collection


Hello readers…

Brushes either make or break your make up look, those tools can make your application easy or they can make it pretty hard. investing in good brushes can make the process of learning new techniques so smooth. I have not bought a pro brush kit but I have acquired many single brushes that are amazing and are really high quality. it does not matter if the brush its affordable or high end, there’s always a dud in the bunch, what I’m going to show you in this post is my humble collection of brushes that I love and use every time I do my make up, in here you are gonna find a mix of different brands and prices, but they work equally good.

This is my mini collection of Luxie brushes, I have not buy any of this myself I got them on my Ipsy bags, but if I have to spend the money I definitely would, they are worth every dollar. they are so soft and work amazingly.

Luxie brushes 

Next is one set that took me by surprise, and is the BH Cosmetics Rose Gold collection (if I’m not mistaken) it also comes with a bag, that it’s gorgeous, perfect to travel.

BH Cosmetics

Next is my random finds at Burlington Coat Factory (the long brushes) and Walmart (the short brushes) they are from the brand Soho, they were the first brushes I bought and I really love them, they are pretty affordable and they do not shed.


Here are some of my ELF cosmetics brushes, there’s nothing to say about ELF they are amazing, affordable and most importantly WORK.

ELF Cosmetics

This set I bought it with points on and the stippling brush is my most used brush, I use it to blend when I overdo my blush, and to blend my bronzer. This set is from Coastal Scents and is from the pearl collection, amazing little trio.

Coastal Scents

this is a random pick of single brushes that I have collected, from the left to the right, I have the Royal & langnickel Precision angled, Crown Brushes oval concealer, IBY  beauty crease brush, 
Vasanti contour eyeshadow, Slmissglam sl41, Glamour Dolls crease, wet and wild eyeliner brush, Vera Mona detail brush, Sigma beauty  E21  & E65



And this is a brush set that I got on Amazon that I’m trying out, and so far so good.


This is my small collection of brushes, that I have loved for many months some even years, that I would recommend to my family and friends that are looking for makeup brushes. to this day I have not been disappointed by any of them. except that Amazon brush set still trying out.

With this, I’ll see you soon…




What I recently purchased: Sephora


hello readers…

I just realized how much online shopping I have done recently, for things that I need and also for stuff that I really don’t. and while I sit here writing this I’m still waiting for an ELF makeup package – I must say I have a problem lol- also I use Ebates to get cash back on my online purchases, and most of the cosmetics companies had a very hefty bump on their percentage offer. 

I purchase at Sephora one of their Sephora favorite kits. this, in my opinion, its one of the best marketing offers out there for sure. you get to try 5 sample some items are full-sized at a very affordable price point. I decided to get this, the selfie kit because I really wanted to try the Marc Jacobs Velvet noir mascara and just for this was worth the 28 dollars this kit has a 100 dollar value.

This kit brings:

  •  The Milk makeup blur stick mini 0.19 oz $14
  • Anastasia Beverly hill liquid lipstick in the shade Ashton, this is a mini the full size 0.11 oz retails for $20.
  • Tarte tartiest double take eyeliner it’s full size and retail for $24 with a 0.004 oz the pencil side  and 0.017 oz liquid side
  • The Marc Jacobs  velvet noir mascara mini 0.21 oz  retails for $14 
  •  The Stellar cosmic face setting powder in Glow 2. 0.014 oz. full size 0.028 oz retail for $30 
  • Becca shimmery skin perfector® pressed highlighter in Opal 0.085 oz retails for $19 


When I placed this order they had a promo going with a 25 or more order and using a code you get a foundation sample, and I’m really happy I got it this way I can try to find a match for many foundations that otherwise I would not find appealing to me.


what have been your latest purchases? 

let a girl know. 

with this, ill see you soon 


what I got at Ulta, 21 Days of Beauty


hello readers…

as many of you know Ulta beauty is running their 21 days of beauty, that runs from March 18th to April 7th. Where they have select items 50% off every day of the 21 days the sale last, plus they also offer other sales that rotate every week. I was really excited for this sale because it allows you to get pricy items on a very good discount, I for once was counting down the days for the add to drop and of course, I checked it and to tell you the truth most of the stuff that was on sale did not appeal to me except the Smashbox primer water, was really happy to be able to snatch this one for half price. 

Also got the Ulta shadow switch, hopefully, it works good and allows me to dirty fewer makeup brushes to do my makeup. also got the little Nars sample for their smooth and protect prime with SPF 50 really excited to try it and see how it works and I hope it does not break me up. also got the Anastacia Beverly Hills brow pomade in the sampler brunette-auburn that I’m gonna be saving it for my sister, because I don’t have a use for it -not a pomade gal- overall really happy that now I get to see if the hype its worth for the primer water and if it gonna be worth buying at regular price after a test it out.

With this, ill see you all soon…


New Products I Recently purshase


hello readers…

I recently decided to give the Coty Airspun loose setting powder a try to see if it worth all the youtube hype, this powder can be found at Walmart, target, and different online retailers. Coty Airspun it is pretty affordable less than $10 for 3.2 oz of product, that its a great value and more because the product works and does an amazing job setting the makeup, also it looks wonderful under the eye. this powder claims it’s very lightweight yet long lasting, its formulated to give you a flawless finish, and even the skin tone can be used alone or to set your makeup. also, its dermatologically tested. important to know its scented.

on the same trip, I got the Maybelline age rewind concealer just to see how it will perform on me – I find hard to find a concealer that does not crease on me- this concealer it wildly available in stores and online and it’s also less than $10. I have used this concealer on various occasions and I really enjoy it, I did not feel self-conscious about creation because it did not crease much on me, with that I was pleasantly surprised, lasted 5+ hours and looked pretty decent, – I think it has to do the i used the Coty powder to set it, but I have to test this theory with my most crease concealer – I’m gonna keep testing it and will update if any changes in my opinion/love occurs

with this, I will see you soon…


My Mini Amazon Haul.


Hello reader…

I tend to do my makeup occasionally and was struggling with lighting to get that Instagram perfect picture – I live in an apartment so storage is an issue I have and most fancy lighting equipment takes a lot of space- while is was navigating thru Amazon I came upon this nifty little thing its called B-Land Cell Phone Holder with Selfie Ring Light, its perfect for Live Stream & Video Recording and it does not take a lot of space on your desk and the best thing it works amazingly, totally worth looking into it for sure. to get all information about this light and all the descriptions that you want just click HERE, (this is an Amazon link but it is not affiliated).

I really think this is a genius idea, especially for those of us that are wetting their toes in all these social media stuff. also while I was browsing thru the infinite page of Amazon I found a beautiful set of brushes from the brand Qivange, very pretty and super affordable, 8.99 for 12 pieces of eye brushes. This set reminds me of a high-end brush brand – Luxie beauty – and I wanted to see if it perform the same or similar, and after washing them and using them I’m impressed by them, first of all, they did not shed and they work really good. for more info on this brushes, you can click HERE (not affiliated) 

Hope you have enjoyed this post

With this, I’ll see you soon…


Playing With Makeup 2


Hello Readers,

I have been thinking to do this Playing with makeup kind of a series here on the blog because I’m the kind of person that would sit down to do my makeup just to be lounging  at home, and what better way not to waste makeup that taking pictures and writing my thoughts and opinions on the products I have on than making a blog post every time I feel inspired -that its not often -I’m more a mascara, concealer, and bronzer kind of girl-

For this picture I used the Maybelline fit me matte and poreless foundation #120, I really like this foundation, because it is super lightweight and covers really good, granted I don’t have a lot to cover, I just like to even my skin tone. This foundation feels like nothing on the skin and I find that it does not clog my pores -my pores tend to clog easily- also using the fit me Concealer in sand #20 this concealer its Amazing for those no makeup days it looks really natural, it’s really lightweight and really easy to blend.I find that it creases really bad on me, after a little time of wear, that’s why I prefer to use it when I’m no wearing a noticeable full face of makeup.

Also I have been trying the Becca shimmery skin perfector in opal, and I was really skeptical about this making a difference in your makeup, or giving you the Glow from within line that its overused on YouTube, but let me tell you this really do gives you that Glow I really like how natural and effortless it makes your makeup look , Becca its a high-end brand and it can get expensive to buy all that its recommended by all the beauty gurus on YT but what I tend to do is buy the mini, it has plenty to try and see if is worth your hard earned money

the eyes are pretty simple, using different colors from the Wet and wild ‘Rose in the air’ pallet it does not stop to amaze me how this is so affordable, also using my favorite mascara at the moment the L’Oreal lash paradise, best mascara ever (in my opinion). 

I did this makeup at around 4:30 in the afternoon and washed my face around 10:30 and it was intact (except the concealer), really love how the look turned out, and how it lasted thru my kids’ bedtime (parent life) I did not want to wash it off.

I have a very excited post of my finds on Amazon, that’s going to be next on the blog please stay tuned.

With this, I will see you soon…


Ipsy Glam Bag March 2018


Hello readers…

Today I’m posting my glam-bag for this month, I’ve been with Ipsy for 3 years now and I don’t think I will never cancel it, I really enjoy receiving a treat every month and try new products, that otherwise I wouldn’t be aware of, Plus the bag are really cute (makes a really good add on to a gift)

here is a break down of what I got this month, also leaving the companies Instagram handles just in case you guys want to take a peek at the brands.
⸎ One of my favorite item to get is brushes (you can’t have enough brushes) this time around I got the

@slmissglam sl41, love this brushes, they perform amazingly plus they so fun to display. (Ipsy exclusive)
⸎ Next I got this beautiful eye shadow from the brand @doucceofficial from their Freematic eyeshadow in the color 80 Ariana, beautiful color can’t wait to put it on my eyes. Retail price $10
⸎  I also got the @tartecosmetics Sex kitten liner, excited to try it just one eyeliner has my heart let’s see if this can compete. full size 0.007oz $20
⸎ next I have matte lipstick from @mellowcosmetics In the color nude, beautiful color. retail price $13
⸎  And last but not least a face exfoliator from @trufora . retail price 0.5  fl. oz $18, 2 fl.oz $45
Super excited for all my goodies plus my made a point purchase of the @vasanticosmetics contour eyeshadow 4. (similar brush retails for $22)

Can’t wait to play with all my goodies #ipsycreate #ipsyglambag
with this i will see you soon…

ApotheCare Essentials Body Wash Review.


Hello readers, recently I reviewed a box of goodies that I got set by crowdtap, I really love the line that I got sent but in that review I focused more on the shampoo and conditioner than the amazing body was that I cannot get enough of. For starters the packaging is gorgeous, super sleek and luxurious plus it has a pump. Also this products can be found in the drugstore, in the pricy side but totally worth it in my opinion.


I got to test the rejuvenator, this is a blend of coconut milk, white jasmine and vitamin B3 that it’s supposed to renew and revive the skin, making it look youthful (as the bottle says lol) Coconut milk has high levels of Vitamin C which helps maintain elasticity and flexibility of skin. It is also rich in copper, and prevents wrinkles, sagging skin and age spots, white jasmine its a natural moisturizer, helps to even the skin tone and its has anti-aging properties, plus its the scent of the body wash. and final but not least vitamin b3 that also helps with evening the skin tone, and helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Also it has no dyes, no parabens and no sulfate cleanser


I have really enjoy using this body wash it has change my shower routine for the better, typically winter time hits me hard because I tend to shower with hot water and it dries my skin and makes it itchy, and after using this product for over a month now my skin feels amazing, its not itchy and its really soft rarely use my in-shower moisturizer. definitely a must have.

Unilever made a great choice, making this line the products that I have try are amazing, they really perform as they claim, also its drugstore, easy found at CVS, Walgreen’s, also online on – and

With this I will see you soon…





Playing with makeup


Hello readers…

today I’ll will be writing about my recent makeup day, I love to play with makeup and test and try all the products that I receive on my ipsy bag and what YouTube makes me buy.

Recently I was on the hunt for the wet and wild new pallets, my cvs was so late in getting them, but any how I got my hands on one of them “rosé in the air” and I pleasantly surprised, colors are really good, pigmented and blended really good.( I used a few colors in this look 👇🏼)

Apart from the wet and wild eyeshadow, I also try their ‘new’ foundation this one I had it for a few months but the first time I used it I hated it, granted I didn’t prep my skin accordingly for a matte foundation, because this is matte also a beauty sponge makes a huge difference in the application; this time around I use a hydrating primer, a moisturizer, and a luminous primer and used a sponge, really loved how it even out my skin and it did not settle in any lines (forehead lines a horrible in my face)

overall I really enjoy this face and how flawless and pretty made me feel, I’ll be making a blog post about the bronzer so please stay tuned.

Other than this I will see you soon…

L’Oréal Ever Pure shampoo & conditioner review


* I received this complimentary from influenster for testing, all opinions are my own *


The last couple months I have been trying many hair care items, either my hair loves me or terrible dislikes me, and in my opinion it’s the first option. I have love all the item that I have tested so far all of them helps me with an specific hair trouble.

I really have enjoy using the L’Oréal ever pure because it has help with the frizz, it has keep my hair soft and beautiful for days, it protect your hair from uv damage and it keeps the color treated hair looking vibrant longer. L’Oréal has definitely stepped up their game lately because their new line of hair care products are really good.

There are many different options to choose from the ever pure line, very affordable, plus you can always use a coupon, it’s drugstore.

I will be purchasing this product again, because I really loved how it made my hair look and feel.


Overall I’ll give this a 4/5 definitely I recommend this product

Thanks influenster for the opportunity to try this.